Wuxin double-boom rock drilling rig is fighting the high-risk karst tunnel in Guizhou!

Wuxin double-boom rock drilling rig is fighting the high-risk karst tunnel in Guizhou!

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The best solution for tunnel bench drilling

Wuxin Tunnel Installation Double Articulated Boom Drilling Rig

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Wuxin Tunnel is equipped with a double-boom and two-arm rock drilling rig operating in the Xike Tunnel of Naqing Expressway in Liuzhi Special District, Guizhou Province. The tunnel is located in the southwest of Guizhou Province and is a typical karst landform. The construction is faced with construction problems such as narrow site, karst development, fault fracture zone, and tunnel water gushing. The technical difficulty is high, the process requirements are high, and the safety risk of personnel and machinery during the excavation process is high. The tunnel has a total length of 1900 meters, three-level surrounding rock, a section size of 17*10m, and 160 boreholes.


Mechanical rock drilling VS manual rock drilling

Category Mechanical Drilling Artificial Rock Drilling

Working efficiency Single cycle footage 4 meters Single cycle footage 3 meters

Number of operators 2 operators 13-15 people

Over and under digging within 20 centimeters 20-30 centimeters

Energy consumption 130KW 660-792KW

Safety, stay away from the palm face, close contact.



Construction configuration

1 double crank rock drilling rig

2 equipment operators

2 auxiliary workers



Preparation before construction

The equipment arrives at the designated location



construction process record

  • Hold up the outriggers and connect the water pipes; turn on the power supply and connect the remote control, and the left and right booms will start in sequence.
  • According to the hole layout on the face, pre-plan the drilling area that the two rock drilling arms are responsible for.
  • First, start drilling from the bottom plate hole of the face. After the bottom hole hole is drilled, the auxiliary worker will mark the position so that the explosive can be installed.
  • The two arms complete the construction of peripheral eye, auxiliary eye and cutting eye in sequence according to the drilling area
  • During the drilling process, the operator pays attention to the drilling parameters on the equipment operation screen at any time, and adjusts the drilling status of the equipment.
  • The equipment has its own anti-jamming function. When a fault or cavity is encountered, this function is automatically activated to avoid loss of drilling tools.
  • After drilling, the trolley retracts the rock drilling arm, retracts the outriggers, and disconnects the water pipe device. The equipment leaves the site, the cable is recovered, and the charge, blasting, and slag are discharged.
  • After exiting the palm face, the inverted arch construction can be carried out simultaneously within 0.5 hours.

The Wuxin tunnel-mounted double-boom rock drilling rig adopts the first domestic crank-boom structure, which completely solves the problem of poor adaptability of traditional rock drilling rigs to different surrounding rock conditions and different excavation methods. The middle and lower steps are fully covered. The remote control mode can observe the drilling situation of the equipment at a close distance, greatly control the over-under-digging, and truly open the era of mechanized tunnel drilling!


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