The forefront of the industry! Nine sets of series equipment for the whole process of the tunnel are newly launched!

The forefront of the industry! Nine sets of series equipment for the whole process of the tunnel are newly launched!

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With the rapid development of high-speed railways and highways in my country,

The continuous deepening of tunnel construction mechanization research,

The latest research results of the industry in 2022 are here!

The latest, most complete and strongest construction strategy for nine sets in history


Wuxin Tunnel is committed to the research, development and manufacture of mechanized construction equipment for the entire process of tunnels. The complete sets of intelligent equipment that have been launched successively have been widely used in the construction of more than 1,500 tunnels across the country.

In order to make tunnel construction safer, more economical and more efficient, Wuxin Tunnel has been continuously in-depth research on tunnel construction mechanization, which has raised construction safety, efficiency and quality to a new level.

Unlock the whole process of tunnel mechanized construction

1. Blasting hole construction

· After the drilling rig is in place, the operator operates the remote control, and the equipment drills according to the hole layout on the face. The operator observes the drilling situation at close range in real time, adjusts the attitude of the propelling beam, and effectively controls the over and under excavation.

· After the blasting hole is filled with explosives, the blasting is carried out, and the slag is discharged with the help of an excavator, a loader and a muck truck.

2. Arch installation and construction

· The vehicle-mounted arch frame installation vehicle is in place, and the operator places the arch frame unit on the ground for segmental splicing.

· The operator controls two robotic arms, grabs and lifts the arch, completes the docking of the two arches in the air, and at the same time completes the fixing of the tension bars and the laying of the steel mesh between the two adjacent arches.

3. Anchor support

· The digital anchor trolley is in place, and the operator operates the remote control to control the boom to carry out the single-ring anchor hole operation.

· The drilling position memory function realizes one-key positioning of the bolt installation, and the cloud monitoring platform records the construction data in real time, which is convenient for the supervision of the bolt construction.

4. Concrete shotcrete construction

· When the concrete shotcrete truck is in place, the operator controls the manipulator operation through the remote control, and sprays the ready-mixed concrete to the design thickness.

5. Inverted arch construction

· The self-propelled hydraulic trestle is in place, and the construction vehicles pass above the hydraulic trestle, and the procedures such as the installation of inverted arch steel bars, the installation of full-width formwork, the pouring of inverted arch concrete, and the filling of inverted arch are carried out in sequence below.

· The hydraulic trestle can travel automatically and move longitudinally to ensure the simultaneous construction of the face and the inverted arch.

6. Waterproof board laying and reinforcement installation

· When the waterproof board/rebar work trolley is in place, the operator installs the rolled waterproof board on the connecting rod of the telescopic arm, and controls the telescopic arm through the remote control to drive the waterproof board to rotate along the circumference of the tunnel contour. The waterproof board is welded while laying to ensure the laying quality of the waterproof board.

7. Lining construction

· The automatic pouring lining trolley is in place, and the material is supplied by the concrete tanker and the tow pump, and the concrete distribution system transports the concrete to each pouring window. During construction, according to the order from left to right and bottom to top, the side formwork is poured window by layer in layers; after the side formwork construction is completed, switch to the vault window for pouring. The layer-by-window pouring technology completely solves the phenomenon of segregation and cold joints in the concrete pouring process, and improves the inherent pouring quality of concrete.

· Equipped with Wuxin lining cloud monitoring system, intelligently collect on-site data of the second lining, and monitor and warn the construction. The owner, supervisor, headquarters, and project department can use the central control room, mobile terminal, electronic signboard, etc., to inquire about the construction situation within the scope of authority, and realize the visualization and traceability of the secondary lining construction process.

8. Secondary lining maintenance

After the maintenance trolley is in place, the maintenance function is turned on. After the equipment intelligently detects the concrete temperature, ambient temperature and humidity, it automatically adjusts the maintenance water temperature, and automatically performs maintenance operations according to the set time and frequency. The maintenance data is automatically recorded, transmitted and stored to Wuxin e-housekeeper, and the construction log is automatically generated. Turn on the dust removal function, which can also be used for dust removal in the cave.

9. Ditch cable trough

· The formwork trolley for the trench cable trough is in place: the operator operates the hydraulic system of the trolley to complete the vertical formwork of the formwork, and completes the pouring of the concrete through the tank truck and the chute.

Continuously improve the level of mechanized construction,

Make tunnel construction safer, more economical and more efficient,

It is the unremitting pursuit of Wuxin Tunnel!


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