Technical guidance and training
Technical support
When new products leave the factory, professional and technical personnel are selected to provide on-site guidance, provide technical services, and participate in product debugging and acceptance;
Assist customers in formulating the first construction plan;
Regular return visits, active service, and free technical consultation for customers.
In-plant training
Provide 10 days of free in-plant theoretical study and practical operation training for 1 wet sprayer operator and 1 maintenance personnel of the customer.
Provide 7 days of free training for the customer's 1 arch truck operator and 1 maintenance personnel.
Provide 15 days of free training for the customer's 1 rock drilling rig operator and 1 maintenance personnel.
The first company in the country to use the simulation operation training system to teach, simulate the tunnel construction site, realistically present the tunnel wet spraying scene, restore the actual situation of the five new wet spraying manipulators in the tunnel spraying, and observe the screen and data of the spray rebound at any time. , which greatly improves the quality of teaching and shortens the period of operator training.
On-site training
After the equipment is delivered to the construction site, the supplier will send an experienced operator to the site to guide the use, maintenance and upkeep of the equipment, and will be on standby 24 hours a day at the construction site, and will be responsible for training the operators of the buyer.
The training time for the wet jetting machine is 30 days, the training time for the arch operation vehicle is 15 days, and the training time for the drilling rig is 30 days.