Development path
Development History of Hunan Wuxin Tunnel Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (2010-2021)
In August, Wuxin Heavy Equipment was formally established in Changsha Economic Development Zone, Hunan.
Wuxin lining trolley serves the No. 1 spillway of Xiluodu Hydropower Station (the third largest hydropower station in the world, with a maximum crawling slope of 30.05°).
Since then, it has been applied to Baihetan Hydropower Station (the fourth largest hydropower station in the world), Wudongde Hydropower Station (the fifth largest hydropower station in the world), and Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station (the eighth largest hydropower station in the world).
Successfully developed the first large-scale vehicle-mounted wet spraying machine CHP30C in China and entered the field of tunnel machinery.
In October, Wuxin wet spraying machine CHP30C was officially launched.
Wuxin wet spraying machine CHP30C is used in Gelang Tunnel, a grade I high-risk tunnel of Yungui Railway.
Wuxin wet spraying machine is widely used in Xicheng high-speed railway, a high-standard modern railway with the most mountainous features in China.
These include the key control projects of the Xicheng High-speed Railway - the Daqinling Tunnel, and the longest high-speed railway double-track tunnel in Asia - the Qinling Tianhuashan Tunnel.
  Wuxin wet spraying machine CHP25B serves the first Menghua railway in China to promote wet spraying technology on a large scale, and the Lalin railway which integrates the difficult geological problems of the plateau.
In September, the company implemented shareholding system transformation, and Wuxin Heavy Equipment was renamed Wuxin Tunnel Equipment.
In December, Wuxin Tunnel was listed on the New Third Board.
In March, Wuxin Tunnel's first tunnel multi-functional arch installation vehicle was launched.
In October, the company launched an upgraded version of the wheeled wet spray manipulator WHP30.
In May, Wuxin successfully developed the first domestic automatic pouring lining trolley product, which caused a huge response in the domestic tunnel industry once it was launched!
In October, successfully developed a steel bar working trolley for waterproof panels.
In November, the first fully independent knowledge product fully computerized three-arm rock drilling rig installed in Wuxin Tunnel was successfully trial-produced.
The company's "a concrete shotcrete truck" and "tunnel trolley visual positioning detection system" won the China Patent Excellence Award.
Wuxin arch installation trucks and automatic pouring lining trolleys and other products serve the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project in Indonesia, which is "the first order of China's high-speed rail going abroad".
The order volume of Wuxin automatic pouring and lining trolleys exceeded 300 million, of which more than 100 trolleys were purchased for the whole line of the Guinan high-speed railway project.
The sales volume of wet spraying manipulators has ranked first in China for five consecutive years.
In June, the number of service sites for Wuxin tunnel-installed wet spraying machines exceeded 1,000.
In December, the company's "Clamping Device and Tunnel Arch Operation Vehicle" won the 21st China Patent Excellence Award.
In January, a new generation of intelligent information-based pouring and lining trolleys were launched to realize the visualization, data, intelligence and informationization of tunnel lining construction.
In February, the key technology of excavation and lining of the Longluowei section of the super-large section flood discharge tunnel won the second prize of the China Energy Construction Science and Technology Award.
The company's product waterproof plate steel bar operation trolley has completed two standard series of double-track railway and double-track highway.
In December, the tunnel (tunnel) lining trolley became the first batch of single champion products in Hunan Province's manufacturing industry.
In January, the "R&D and Industrialization of Intelligent Concrete Wet Spraying Equipment for Tunnels" project won the second prize of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020.
In May, the company's "a tunnel lining trolley" won the 22nd China Patent Excellence Award.
In October, the company decided to enter the non-coal mine underground mining equipment market.
The company launched the self-developed double-boom rock drilling rig, digital maintenance rig and tunnel lining cloud monitoring system.
In November, Wuxin Tunnel became the first batch of companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange.