Double curved-arm rock drilling jumbo

Designed the first curved-arm structure in China, it can meet the requirements for step construction, especially for two and three step construction, which is capable of constructing in the upper, middle and lower step; 


Wuxin double-boom rock drilling rig is used in Niujinshan Tunnel of Northwest Second Ring Road of China Railway Sixth Bureau
Wuxin double-boom rock drilling rig is used in Changqing Tunnel of Shenbai High-speed Railway
Wuxin double-boom rock drilling rig is applied to Naqing Expressway on Guizhou Highway
Wuxin three-arm rock drilling rig is applied to the No. 2 Tunnel of Lalong Village of Tianba Expressway

The company is located in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, the "capital of construction machinery", with industrial agglomeration,

abundant talents and convenient logistics. Changsha factory covers an area of 115 mu and has 36,000 square meters of high-standard industrial plants and

research and development office buildings.

  • 430

Existing invention patents and utility model patents

  • 1500

It has served 1500 construction sites nationwide

  • 300

300 person professional service team

  • 50

Provide high-quality products and services for the central large enterprise group and its subordinate enterprises

After ten years of technical precipitation, Wuxin Mine
After ten years of technical precipitation, Wuxin Mine's intelligent excavation drilling rig was launched!
The forefront of the industry! Nine sets of series equipment for the whole process of the tunnel are newly launched!
The forefront of the industry! Nine sets of series equipment for the whole process of the tunnel are newly launched!
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Hunan Wuxin Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. , which belongs to China Railway Wuxin Group and, is a modern high-tech enterprise specialized in producing large-scale tunnel construction equipment. Main products include: Lining trolley for highway, railway and water conservancy tunnels;  Large tunnel concrete spraying truck;  Complete sets of tunnel construction equipment, subway construction equipment, etc.


The company has more than 400 employees, including 125 technical professionals. Through years of uninterrupted technical breakthrough by the company's scientific research personnel.  As of December 2014, the company had 101 patents. There are 64 patents for trolleys, 29 patents for wet spraying machines, 7 patents for horizontal directional drilling machines and 1 patent for static pile driver, including 24 patents for inventions and 77 patents for utility models.


With endless innovation and attempts, the company will always take technological innovation as the first driving force for development, continuously improving its independent innovation ability and aspired to become the leader in the field of tunnel construction machinery.Innovative quality, global sharing!